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The Island of Doom

Strap on your rocket boots and step into the exciting, quirky, and always hilarious universe of Captain Zepto! In this first issue of The Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto, things are looking very grim for the galaxy. The evil Dr. Zorb has unleashed fear on people across the earth.
Who will save the day? Captain Zepto, of course!
Together with his galactic-sized ego and other members of the Light Brigade, the captain sets off to defeat Dr. Zorb and his wicked plan.
But the team quickly discovers that they need more than their expert teamwork and Zepto’s immovable, flawless hair - They need more power!

Disturbance in the Galaxy

The dastardly Dr. Zorb has a new trick up his sleeve… he is sending out his army of negatoids to bring misery to people all over the earth. Captain Zepto and the Light Brigade are the only ones who stand in the way of the imminent destruction of kids and families across the globe!

Using their fast-thinking, space-gadget skills, and Zepto’s giant hair dryer, the crew is determined to stop Dr. Zorb. But will the evil doctor’s plan prove to be too strong for them this time? Will their powers be able to stand up against these destructive pests? …And will Zepto step away from the mirror long enough to fight?

Special Christmas Issue

It’s almost Christmas, and something strange is happening in Jollytown: manger scenes, decorations, and gifts are missing, and holiday cheer is quickly turning into utter chaos! The evil Dr. Zorb, armed with crooked candy cane devices that cause people to forget Christmas, has snuck in unnoticed.
Is this the end of Christmas?

In the outer reaches of the galaxy, Captain Zepto and the Light Brigade learn of Zorb’s evil scheme, and set off to save the season. Do they have what it takes to bring joy back to Jollytown?

And what will happen to the holiday fruitcake?

The Cosmic Inflation

It’s inflation of cosmic proportions! Even the comic book itself is inflated! Instead of the normal 32 pages, this comic has been inflated to 48 pages! Doctor Zorb is up to his old tricks. This time he devises a sinister plot that is irresistible to almost everyone. Climb aboard the quirkiest spaceship in the galaxy with Captain Zepto and the crew as they blast off on another galactic quest for good!

The Captain Zepto Coloring & Activity Book

Lots of pages to color with all the characters, add your own artwork, mazes, find the difference, hidden picture page and find a word puzzle. 32 pages.